Tuesday, March 8, 2011

a whole new story!


In a black and white world, a LITTLE GIRL gets pushed into her room by her MOTHER’S hands.

The door slams and locks.

She falls to the floor and lands on her stuff. Some paper and toys move from under her and you see a piece of chalk roll out from the pile.

She gets up and is sad she walks over to where her family photographs are and looks at them.

It shows her parents together on one side of the photo, her on another, separated by a sizeable gap.
There is another photo she looks at that shows her as a baby in her mother’s hands, her mother is wearing a rose pendant.

The little girl looks down to her chest and touches the same rose pendant.
She becomes sad and turns to run to her bed and cry.

She hears a crack and looks down. She has stepped on a piece of chalk.
She picks it up and looks at the middle of the chalk; it has a strange ring of shimmer to it.

She walks over to a blank spot on the wall and starts to draw a door on it.
She drops the chalk where she stands and opens the new door she just created.

It opens up to a colourful and vibrate world. She walks in and stops at the door, she removes the rose pendant and places it on the old side of the door next to the piece of chalk, then closes the door behind her.
The mother comes in and sees that her little girl is gone. She franticly looks around the room and sees the drawn door on the wall. She runs over to it and finds the rose pendant on the floor; she picks it up and holds it in her hand.

The rose pendant changes to colour.