Title appears "NEW DOOR"  the two OO in the word DOOR, is represented by a closed door. The 'O' on the right is closed D_OR, then it will open to show DOOR. zooms into the opened door.     

In a black and white world, a LITTLE GIRL sees her MOTHER'S hands come out from the door, they extend out and push her.

Little girl is in mid fall, she hits the items on the floor. Paper and toys move from under her. A piece of chalk rolls out from the pile.

Back to the door. Mother's hands grab the handle and close it, it locks. Girl gets to the door too late and tries to turn the handle. It doesn't open.

Little girl places her head on the door and looks over to where her drawing desk is, where two photographs sit.

The photographs are in view, the little girl looks at them.
One shows her parents together on one side of the photo, her on another, separated by a sizable gap.
There is another photo that shows her as a baby in her mother’s hands, her mother wears a rose pendant.

Little girl brings her hand up to her chest where the same rose pendant is pinned to her clothes. she becomes sad and turns to run to her bed to cry.

Midway to her bed she hears a crack.  She moves her foot to the side and has stepped on the piece of chalk. Little girl picks it up and looks at the middle of the chalk, it has a strange ring of shimmer to it.

The little girl looks at the piece of chalk and moves to a blank spot on the wall. The little girl begins to draw a door. She starts from the bottom left and finishes at the bottom right.
From where she stands she drops the piece of chalk to her feet and it hits the floor, and the shimmer disappears.

The new door opens up to a colourful and vibrant world. She walks in and stops at the door, her arms come up to remove the rose pendant. She turns around and places it in the black and white world.

She enters the colour world. The door closes behind her. The rose pendant changes to colour.

                                                    FADE TO BLACK