Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spiral Door.

On wednesday i got help from Jack with the spirals coming out from the door after Alice draws it. I didnt want to draw over and over the same line and extend each time it will take forever. So Jack showed me in After Effects with the brush tool how to make it work.

when you use the brush tool and draw over the guide lines of the spiral, it records it and when you add some keyframes the spirals move! Its really cool. So thats one thing out of a million to go.

I did get the last of my backgrounds back and i organised the shadow with it. So now all the backgrounds are complete and a few of my shots are complete. I stil have lots to do. I mostly have my hard longer shots to do, but i want some time to edit it together and add my music and sound. I actually still have to find some more sounds AND i need to do my title and credits.
Its my own fault for leaving this so late, i was just having so many problems with my backgrounds and it felt like nothing was going right.

Today is exactly one week till my animation is due. I hope i can get this done.

Week 14, come at me bro.

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