Wednesday, November 9, 2011


On tuesday i was talking to Darren about putting a tree in the window when Alice looks up at the window. Darren has been such a help! he helped me by organising a tree, raven and rain! its amazing! i love it so much! i just wish i was with him to learn how he did it!!
the tree was done in photoshop and i love the texture of it. Blacks, grays and whites all together. Its simple yet effective and looking at the style made me think of something similar to do for next year.

i cant wait for thursday to put it in to see how it looks.
I will also be adding a glow to the chalk and making a dark shadow for the background. Darren will be helping me out, once i learn how to do it i can get it done and thats another load off done!!

I also got my thursday night shift off so i can complete my animation.

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