Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I want a C - U - P, C - U - ohh my god!!

Okay so horse racing blah blah extra day to work on animation.
i went through my check list and ticked things off that i have done. it doesnt look like much tho :(
Anyway i decided that i need to go through all my shots, organise the backgrounds and do super rough pencil tests and then start the next shot and do the same thing.
Im having problems with a few of my shots only because i dont know how to animate them. I never got to show Jack on friday so i hope i can get his help on wednesday.

As i was going through my shots i decided to cut out a section. Even tho its my fave bit :(
after Alice draws the door spirals come out from the door frame, the spirals organise into a tree and goes up the wall and stops before hitting the roof. I think its going to take me forever to do this because ToonBoom doesnt have Keyframes like Flash where you can draw something then insert a keyframe and continue from that drawing. In ToonBoom i would have to draw over and over and over and over and over and over the same drawing. BLAHHHHHH If someone can give me an idea on how to fix this it would be great and yes i did try it in Flash but the paint stroke is weird and you can tell were ive started again.

So I feel like i havent done much work, I still don't feel confident.
Its week 13!! ONE MORE WEEK!! I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO!!!!!!!

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