Sunday, November 13, 2011

errors & tears.


I got to uni at 9am, worked on the last of my effects with the help from Darren and felt good about everything being done and handing in my animation at the end of the day.
I made a final comp and put all my footage in it. Everything was in order.
i also finished off my titles and used the 3D options in after effects to make the camera zoom into the door I also made the rose change to colour with the help of Jack.

It came to the time of rendering.
For some reason I rendered my animation as a tga sequence first, which was a bad idea. even as i was rendering it came up with an error and stopped at frame 1311. so then i tried again and it did the same thing. i dont remeber what the error was i didnt take a picture of it.
Kirrily helpped me out by showing me in the settings there was a custom settings to render certain frames and i did that, but i had to put them in different folders each time it stopped! so i had to make sure that i was working.
the first time it stopped at frame 1311 then frame 1726,1962 and 2117. From 2177 it continued to the end which was frame 3500.
I wanted to put the sequence into Final cut pro and put some fades were i need it to be and add my music and sound. but then i realised that if i add the extra fades, then the tga sequence wont have it...... pretty much it was a waste of time!! I was having so many problems with importing the tga sequence into final cut, it came up as tiny individual frames and it was really hard to edit together. and i had many folders that needed to be imported in.
From there i started to have a bit of a break down, nothing was working for me, Jarrod said that i should save each tga sequence as a mov file and import them into final cut because the mov files read better and its one whole section and its not cut up into tiny frames.

I ended up getting an error for that too. It was the time of when Jack had come in and he tried helping me out. I was pretty much crying my eyes out because it was 5pm and it seemed like nothing had been done. Jack saved me by showing me how to do the editing(fades) in after effects and orgainse mt credits and titles. I started to think that everything would be okay and i could get it done. Jack helped me by organising the renders i needed to do.
The first one was to make a low quality mov export so i could put it into final cut and edit my music and sound effects to it. then in final cut i can export my sound as a wav file and have it separate. then i get that wav file and put it into after effects again were i can render my mpeg2 and my tga sequence. and thats all i need to do!! THATS ALL!! but i can go pass rendering the low quality mov.

Jack had to leave and i was very thankful for his help, he gave me his number to tell him if there was any problems then he could tell me what to do. once he left i clicked the render button for the mov file and off it went. i thought this is going to finally work for me. But it didnt, a lot of errors came up and Darren had also come in to try and help.

I was crying my eyes out. I was getting way to emotional.
Everyone told me not to stress out about it, but of course i did because i didnt know what to do, it was due on friday! Darren stayed till 7pm and he had to go, which i understand and im very thankful for him to stay.

it wasnt only me that was having problems, everyone was! but everyone else got thre film on disc. mne is still in a program that i cant export. Bounnong and Alex were still finishing up and giving me supporting words of not stressing out and being worried.
i left at 8pm to go home, i couldnt handle it anymore.

I sent a text to Jack telling him and he said that i can come in on tuesday so he can see whats going on.
i just want it to work.

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