Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Week 14 has been crazy! ive been staying up late to get work done and waking up early to go to uni. Im glad ive gotten heaps of work done however I should have finished ages ago.

Ive been doing what i can at home and trying to get things complete. When i get stuck and have no idea what im doing i make a list and wait till i get to uni and ask for help from the teachers.
I cant believe its wednesday in week 14. my animation is due on Frday. im scared that i wont get it done but i know i will at the same time.
i dont know :S i guess what im trying to say is that i wish i did things differently and if i did then things would look the way i would like it to look.

anyway! i did my credits and tried to do my title but im having a little bit of a problem so im hoping that Darren can help me tomorrow.

cant wait to put my animation all together. i just hope ill have enough time to put it together and export it all out and put it on disc.

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