Monday, November 21, 2011

WEEK 14- Production Journal Review 3.

It is now the end of week 14 and the end of making my animation.
I did have a few problems trying to complete my film, mostly errors trying to export.
It was very fustrating and annoying not having things working for me, and i felt like giving up. But giving up isnt going to solve anything. I had a lot of help from Jack, Darren and Kirrily telling me not to stress and not worry about it. I also got heaps of moral support from Bounnong and my other class mates.
On the Tuesday the week after, Jack said that if i couldnt get my renders to work i could come into uni and try and get help with it. Jack is very powerful and said he had a dream about how he could fix my problem! I had rendered my film as a tga sequence and i still had them so he deleted my old sequence and replaced it with the tga sequence, after that we tried rendering and there was no errors!! it kept going and worked!!!
It was good to finally get somewhere! after that i needed to add my music, make a new tga sequence and then make the final mpeg2.
I did my music and i never liked what i did, i also completed all the renders i had to do. I was going to put them on disc but for some reason an error came up saying that it couldnt and Jack needed all the files before he left. I spoke to Jack and he said that i could try and put it on disc at home and hand it into the office the next morning or i could go pass his house and give him my hard drive with the files to copy over.
I did try at home to put the files on disc but it took such a long time! in around 3 hours only 140 frames were copied over. i had 4224 frames in total! So i ened up going to Jacks house and it was a lot easier to transfer the files across.
When he watched my film he said my sound/music wasnt every good and that if i had time i should fix it. To be honest i really didnt want to, i was so over doing everything. But then i thought i never liked it anyway and its something i should fix. So after Jacks house i went to uni and fixed up my sound. Im really glad Jack told me to fix it, i like it now.
After i finished it i emailed it to Jack and then the feel of completion came over me. it was the best feeling.
i always thought that i had bad karma, all the problems and stress i got from making my film, but a friend told me that problems are a blessing in disguise, now that i know if i get these problems again i know what to do.

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