Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Background Fin.

On friday i got the last of the renders from Jack and he also did a soft shadow render as well!! which looks really cool! It shows more detail with the black... if that makes sence.

Anyway with the shadow render it had to be done separate from the background, Jack told me that i needed to organise eacj frame into folders (which I have been doing) and import the background with the same shadow backgrounf into After Effects. Then from there i had to make sure that the shadow layer was on top then change it to multiply and done!

I will do some picture maths for you to look at, i learnt it in accounting.

Original Background


Shadow Background


Complete Background.

"It's the finnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll Backkkkggggggoooooooooooouuuunnddddddd, I mean coooouuunnnttt dddooowwwnnnn"

The only problem is that one shot didnt get rendered which was when the mother grabs the door handle and closes the door. So ON MY OWN I fixed up the render command and rendered the frames i needed :D there was also some history on the roof with the window so it looked like it was from the 60's, so i deleted history and rendered the frames i needed with that roof.

yeah so i don't have the shadow background for when the mother slams the door, so Jack said he can quickly do it at his house and give it to me on Wednesday. YAY!!

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